grand circle mapOur last meeting in Durango, Colorado was hosted by the Strater Hotel and the Durango Area Tourism Office.  Grace Shepherd of DATA reported:

The Grand Circle Association meeting was hosted by the Durango Area Tourism Office and the Strater Hotel, March 3rd-6th. This was the first quarterly meeting of 2017, with thirty eight members and guests in meeting attendance. Organized activities such as snowshoeing, D&SNGRR Train Ride & Museum Tour, Downtown Durango Walking Tour, Welcome Center Evening Reception, Dinner in the Strater Hotel's Oak Room and yes, some Country Dancing was enjoyed by the attendees. The Durango Welcome Center has placed the Grand Circle Map on the floor as a 9ft X 9ft floor graphic. Please come by and stand in four states at 802 Main Ave, in Durango Colorado.

 Tad Smith and Phillis Veale provided the photos below:

 durango bandanas IMG 4064 IMG 4066 IMG 4133 IMG 4135 IMG 4140 IMG 4144 IMG 4146 IMG 4167 IMG 4177