Marble Canyon derives its name from the beautifully colored rocks that make up its section of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. Waters flow out of the Glen Canyon Dam and create a flat, calm stretch of water in the area of the Grand Cayon known as Marble Canyon.

Key Attractions

Because the water is calm and clear, float trips and family swimming and splashing, even in the cold water, are very popular. The area also boasts world-class fly fishing because of the near-perfect conditions.


Marble Canyon is one of the first sections of the Grand Canyon, located just after Lees Ferry and right as the canyon walls begin to rise high over the river. Apart from the US 89 road bridge, there is no easily accessible viewpoints of Marble Cayon. Downstream to the south there are however easily accessible routes to the river via some tributaries, including Sevenmill Draw, Soap Canyon, Jackass Creek, and Badger Canyon.

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