Come spot the imaginatively named rock formations in one of the most scenic, desolate, and widest expansions in the world. Tall, isolated sandstone mesas, cliffs, and pinnacles dot the desert floor and surround the winding road through the valley.

Key Attractions

  • no restrictions on camping and hiking
  • almost completely isolated and desolate, contrasted from the more popular Monument Valley
  • wonderful photography opportunities - rich color of rocks and vivid sunsets
  • unique peaks and rock formations, such as the name sites: Rudolph and Santa Clause, Setting Hen Butte, Rooster Butte, De Gaulle and His Troops, Castle Butte, Seven Sailors, Battleship Rock, and Lady in the Bathtub
  • Cedar Mesa - the butte that overlooks the Valley of the Gods, 1,200 ft up

Located just west of US 163, south of the junction with US 191 that leads north to Moab and Monticello. The valley is drivable via a 17-mile dirt road, FR 242, that winds around the valley and joins up at the west side with UT 261. UT 261 can then be travelled either south to meet back with US 163, or north up a winding switchback that rises 1,200 feet to Cedar Mesa - overlooking the valley.

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