Aztec Visitor Center

Address: 110 N. Ash Ave.,
Aztec, NM 87410
Phone: 505-334-7632

There are so many extraordinary things about Aztec. Locals and visitors alike boast about this intimate, river-runs-through-it community where the buzz is about fabulous events, top-shelf recreation, enviable climate, rich history, and eclectic, small-town pleasures. Aztec fulfills the recreationalist, entices the cultured, beckons the explorer, and makes peaceful the nomadic. It’s a town of close-knit neighbors, of pioneer-strong family values, of love of the land. This is Aztec: Your Four Corners Playground Since 1100 A.D.

CULTURAL ENTHUSIASTS are mesmerized by Aztec Ruins National Monument. Located within the city limits, Aztec Ruins is a UNESCO World Heritage Site representing an outlying settlement of Chaco Culture. Visitors enjoy thought-provoking lectures ranging from archaeoastronomy to Native American mythology.

In addition to the Aztec Ruins we have over 300 documented natural arches and windows in the immediate area, Aztec underscores the ethereal, beauty of the American Southwest. Search out breathtaking Arch Rock in Hart Canyon, or visit the spectacular Anasazi Arch in Cox Canyon. GPS points and maps available…

The Aztec Municipal Golf Course was featured here.