Dineh Bekeyah Tours

Address: PO Box 1418,
Kayenta, AZ  86033
Phone: 928-409-0088

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Come visit Monument Valley and let Dineh Bekeyah Tours show you the majestic landscape Mother Earth has to offer with our professional and knowledgeable guides. Take a Sunrise or Sunset Back Country Tour and see all of Lower Monument Valley or go to the secluded areas of Mystery Valley and visit the ancient ruins of the Anasazi people. With Dineh Bekeyah Tours we will show you the rich culture, history, and geography of Monument Valley and make this an experience to remember for a lifetime. Visit our website at www.dinehbekeyahtours.com for tour details and tour schedules.

Based in Arizona near Monument Valley, Dineh Bekeyah Tours provides the experience of a lifetime!  Our tours range from one and a half hours to 18-hour overnighters.  We provide photographic tours, star-chasing, moonlight excursions, educational student tours, and full cultural tours.  Our tours travel in SUVs or open trucks, and you can go with a group or privately.