Finley Holiday Film Corporation

Address: 12607 E Philadelphia St,
Whittier, CA 90601
Toll-Free: 800-345-6707
Phone: 562-945-3325

Here’s an example of a recent production:

Moab Ad #1 ~ 30 second

Moab, Utah – the most breathtaking landscape on Earth is calling.From Arches and Canyonlands National Parks to Dead Horse Point State Park, from the Colorado…

For over sixty years, Finley Holiday Productions has been filming and telling stories about the Grand Circle region and its incredible destinations. We’ve partnered and produced for travel councils, resorts, federal and state parks, and outdoor adventure companies. From destination videos to conservation pieces to pure entertainment, we know you have a story and we’d love to help you tell it. We specialize in creating awe-inspiring visuals and capturing the heartbeat of your message using the right equipment for the job. Our small crews mean we make a minimal impact when filming, and we take particular care to work within any special considerations or circumstances.

Years of experience filming the Grand Circle means value for your budget. We know the natural, geological and historical backgrounds, the angles, the time of day to chase the light, creative ways to capture your adventure and the special nature of your destination.

Video is emotionally powerful and motivating in a way no other medium can match. Technology lets you share your destination with a reach unimaginable just 5 years ago. From 4K theater films to 1-minute social media videos and website banners, we capture and tell stories like nobody else can. Contact us – we’d love to help you bring your story to life.