Grand Circle Association Travel Planner

Our popular travel planner is the best resource for planning a trip to the Grand Circle area. It also includes a detailed map.

Our planner is free! Request a hard copy or download a pdf.

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Comments About Our Planner

(Note, These are totally unsolicited comments:)

“Greetings – I recently gave my copy away to friends coming to the region. Is it possible to get 2 more planners as I have loved my planner and use it as well as recommend it. Ruth D.”

“I gave out all of the GCA travel planners I had from both 2018 and 2019 at a local fiesta this year (next year I’ll bring more!). People were REALLY excited I had them. I gave out about 2 boxes, one was accidentally 2018, but hey, they grabbed it!” Gallup NM Tourism

“Can you please send us as many boxes as you can for our visitor center? We are down to our last box and would like to stock up for winter. This is one of our most popular magazines. Thanks! Canyon Country Visitors Center, Dolores, CO”

“Thanks so much! These are one of our information pieces we use the most. THANKS! Barbara T, Fishlake National Forest, Fremont River Ranger District.”

“Is there any way we can get some more of the Grand Circle guides… We can hardly keep them… It is a great book!!! Defiantly one of the best. Thank you, Tonya C, Chama Valley Chamber of Commerce, Northern New Mexico Welcome Center.”

“Dear Friends, I always enjoy picking up a printed copy of the annual guide at the Laughlin visitor center. I’ve visited a few of the destinations and hope to experience more of this magnificent area. I appreciate the Association and thank you once again for doing a great job.” Don in Dallas

“Just received the Grand Circle Travel Planner. It is Awesome. Thank you! Kent P.”

“Please Send Me 7 Copies of the Travel Planner so I can Pass them on to my Siblings – So we can plan our next Family Trip inside the Grand Circle – …Thanks for the Quality Information and Photographs…and the Extra Copies…Thanks, Randy C.”

“We love your brochure and so do our members!” – Emily V., AAA Houston

“It’s a beautiful magazine and will make a great planning tool.” – Lesley S

“I give these out to people I meet at the RV parks we stay at. Every person I have given one of these to is so grateful.” – Candace S

“Two of the 2016 travel planners Please – I Love your travel planners – as I travel I always look for your Grand Circle Mags – havent seen one the last 2-3 years. is their a way to get 2 yearly?? I sure use them. thank you” – George M

“These (travel planners) are a great tool to give our members that are planning their vacations in and around the Grand Circle. Our members are always excited to receive the Grand Circle planner. It is truly the best travel planner and I have seen many in my 20 years at AAA.” – Janet K., AAA Washington

“Hi – I am a travel agent just back from visiting the Grand Circle. Your Travel Planner is just perfect to sell this wonderful destination. Could you please send me 10 planners. Thanks so much.” Regine A

“Your brochure come highly recommended.  Thank you.”  – Mikel S.

“Hi, I just requested a current Grand Circle brochure and am looking forward to receiving it. In 2012 my husband and I went from Abq-StGeorge-Zion-north rim of the Grand Canyon. Somewhere along the way at the beginning of our trip I picked up your brochure and after all my years of brochures, yours is the best one I have ever used – so comprehensive and easy to read. That map in the center of the brochure is perfect. Keep up the good work, and it is much appreciated. I just gave ours to a cousin from Maryland, who is pretty much taking the same route, so I requested a current one for myself. Thanks again!!” – Sue D

“I work for AAA in Reno. We are out of your Travel Planner and would love to have as many as you can send. Our Members love them.” – Gail V

“FYI absoultely the very best brouchere done on an area Grand Circle. I should have ordered about five more from you.” – Candace S