Travel Your Backyard

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For those of in love with the timeless beauty and romance of the Old West and beyond, Travel Your Backyard can provide the perfect vacation package. The breathtaking scenery, from majestic mountains to expansive canyons, is just one aspect of an outdoor vacation package. There is so much to experience… whether you choose to explore the awesome beauty of the vast deserts, ranches, mountain ranges, or other wilderness terrain on horseback, mountain bike, skis, snowmobile, or from inside the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, Travel Your Backyard can accommodate you, offering the best of the glorious USA (including Alaska) and Canada. There are many pre-packaged self-drive itineraries to choose from, if you are looking to spend your vacation simply sightseeing or want to add some adventures to the mix! We can even take your ideas and turn them into your perfect trip, whether you are looking for a customized vacation, a perfect family reunion or a trip of a lifetime with your best friends or your family!


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