City of Aztec Tourism & Visitor Center


Address: 110 N. Ash Avenue Aztec, NM 87410
Phone: (505) 334-9551

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Visitors are enticed by a host of pulse-quickening pursuits, including mountain biking; hiking for over 300 natural sandstone arches and windows; exploring the BLM recreation and wilderness areas; fly-fishing the Anima and San Juan rivers; and water sports on nearby Navajo Lake. 

  • Aztec Ruins National Monument 

  • Fly Fishing on the Quality Waters of San Juan River 

  • Navajo Lake State Park 

  • Alien Run Mountain Bike Trails 

  • Mountain View Trails 

  • Aztec Disc Golf Course 

  • Over 300 Natural Sandstone Arches 

  • Bisti Wilderness & Lybrook Badlands

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