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Grand Circle Association Membership

The Grand Circle Association consists of approximately 100 private and public sector members with the common goal of exposing the incredible year ‘round vacation opportunities available in this part of the Southwestern United States.


Membership in the Grand Circle Association provides:

Membership Meetings:

  • 3 educational meetings are held per year to help inform members of the diverse attractions & activities throughout the area.

  • Networking with other Grand Circle members can provide valuable insight and long-lasting business relationships.


Grand Circle Travel Planner:

  • FREE listing in the Grand Circle Travel Planner as well as discounted ad rates.

  • The official publication of the Grand Circle Association, the Travel Planner, is published annually and is distributed throughout the region at information centers, gateway cities, trade & consumer shows, and via direct mail to tour operators, travel agents, AAA offices and to fulfill consumer requests, domestically and internationally.

  • Currently 150,000 copies are printed annually.

  • You will also receive copies of the Travel Planner to utilize at your own business.

  • Travel Planners are requested internationally by tour operators, consumers, travel agencies and associations via the website or phone.


Familiarization Tours:

  • Participation in familiarization tours designed to educate media and tour operators about the Grand Circle area and vacation opportunities available.


Representation on the Internet:

  • The Grand Circle Association’s website is located at:

  • All members are listed and a link from the Grand Circle site to yours is complimentary.

  • Fulfillment is conducted with Travel Planner requests received via electronic mail.

Blast Emails:

  • Receive blast emails that include a variety of useful information including leads, updates, membership, membership correspondence and marketing opportunities.

Membership Dues:

  • $450 per year.

  • State and federal properties are $250 per year.

  • Membership is on a 365 day basis, membership and benefits to begin date of receipt of payment.

Membership Benefits

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Membership Application

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The Grand Circle Association is a marketing association that exists to increase business revenue for its constituent members via sales and marketing programs to attract domestic and international visitors to the "Grand Circle" geographical area. 

Membership Application
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