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Tips and Information

When traveling, here are some tips and information for your amazing adventures.


The People

  • The people here do their best to make your experience a great one. Please be respectful to them and their property. Engage with the locals. The locals are our greatest asset and stewards. You can learn a lot from them and gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the local culture.

  • Be patient when dining.  A lot of visitors and not enough staff means longer wait times. 

    • Some restaurants don’t do reservations, but they do their best to accommodate. Read a local brochure while you wait and learn more about the area or visit with other patrons.

The Land

  • Carving into the rocks or trees ruins the natural beauty of the land. Please don’t leave markings on the rocks or trees.

  • Trash doesn’t thrive in the wild. Place trash in the proper receptacles and pack out what you pack in, maybe even picking up trash if you see it. 

    • Leave it better than you found it. Pack a trash bag in your pack and pick up trash. Make a fun game out of it. Kids and adults will feel good and have fun!

  • These grounds don’t need your fertilizer. Restrooms are sparse so be prepared to dig a hole for human waste or pack it out. Clean up after yourself and your pets.

  • Be Fire Sense when in the outdoors to keep wildfires from happening.  Fully extinguish campfires, do not park hot vehicles on dry vegetation and use fireworks only in designated areas.

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The Experience

  • Adventure is more fun when you’re safe. Come prepared with everything you need to stay safe as you explore.

    • There is a lot to see and experience. Make sure to plan ahead. There are no services in the backcountry. Think fuel, water, food, clothing, maps, etc.

  • Know the challenges of the area you visit so you don’t become a casualty. In this rural area, we rely on volunteer efforts for search and rescue. It takes time to deploy and access the backcountry and sometimes requires specialized equipment.

  • Mobile service is limited and not reliable. Make sure someone knows where you are headed and when you are expected back. If it’s an emergency and you don’t have service, still try calling 9-1-1.

  • This area is rural and remote. There are a lot of vehicles and long stretches of road. Drive safely, responsibly and allow plenty of time and take in the beautiful views.

  • Consider hiring a guide.  Local guides are area experts and ensure safety and the best experience.

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