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City of Aztec Tourism & Visitor Center


Address: 110 N. Ash Avenue Aztec, NM 87410
Phone: (505) 334-9551

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Visitors are enticed by a host of pulse-quickening pursuits, including mountain biking; hiking for over 300 natural sandstone arches and windows; exploring the BLM recreation and wilderness areas; fly-fishing the Animas and San Juan rivers; and water sports on nearby Navajo Lake.

  • Aztec Ruins National Monument

  • Fly Fishing on the Quality Waters of San Juan River

  • Navajo Lake State Park

  • Alien Run Mountain Bike Trails

  • Mountain View Trails

  • Aztec Disc Golf Course

  • Over 300 Natural Sandstone Arches

  • Bisti Wilderness & Lybrook Badlands

    Aztec offers a variety of world-class cultural and recreational opportunities, including:

  1. Aztec Ruins National Monument: This popular World Heritage Site (one of three in the immediate area) pre-dates 1100 A.D. and is regarded among the most important ancestral Puebloan sites in the Southwest. Did you know it is home to North America's largest restored Great Kiva?

  2. Quality Waters of the San Juan River: If you love fly fishing for trophy trout, this is the place to be! The lower San Juan River is ranked among the Top 10 Fly Fishing Destinations in the United States. Your day will consist of Rainbow and Brown trout from 12 to 22 inches.

  3. Aztec Arches: Over 300 natural sandstone arches and windows have been discovered and cataloged on the outskirts of Aztec, along with outlying ancestral pueblitos and petroglyphs.

  4. High Desert Mountain Biking: For spine-tingling excitement, ride the Alien Run Mountain Bike Trail, rated among the best and most scenic single-track biking experiences in the Four Corners. Ideal for first-time and experienced riders alike. Ride the Alien, take a water break at the official UFO crash site and look for the you believe?

  5. Family Friendly Events & Festivals: From the Aztec Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival, the Antique Truck & Car Show or our Octoberfest, to small-town parades and celebrations, Aztec is a traveler's delight.

  6. Aztec Disc Golf Course: Located east of Tiger Lake and in Aztec, is Aztec Disc Golf Course. An 18-basket course laid out with the pro in mind with some long Par 4 and numerous Par 3 distances to test your long-distance throwing arm! Intermediate/beginners T-boxes have recently been installed so those without the long-distance throwing arm can still enjoy the course.

  7. Hike and Explore: Nearby Aztec are several wilderness areas that offer the adventurous hikers and photographer a fantasy world of strange rock formations, hoodoos, spires, pinnacles and arches. So enjoy your off-the-beaten trek into Angel Peak Scenic Area, Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, and Lybrook Badlands.

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